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Slovak-French project Something is Red going for a premiere in Lyon after succeeding in Košice

Press release – Slovak-French project Something is Red going for a premiere in Lyon after succeeding in Košice
The experimental theatrical performance called ´Something is Red´, which had its premiere on April 29 in Košice, is to be given this weekend, July 5-6, to the French audience in Lyon. The project sprang from the cooperation of the French theatre Lá Hors De from Lyon and the Košice theatre known as Divadlo na peróne and became a supporting event of the application of Košice for nomination as European capital of Culture 2013.

The premiere of Something is Red in the Košice Barracks/Kulturpark was watched by several hundreds of people in the audience. The performance was being born for almost two months right in the premises of the Barracks/Kulturpark. The actors from Košice left for France on June 23 to practise their performancia with a new stage set.

“The time we had before the French premiere was used to adjust the project to the new stage and to cope with a bit altered cast. It was a sort of start anew, although we were already prepared to do it and we had some idea what we were going to do better,” revealed Zuzana Psotková of the theatre Divadlo na peróne about how it felt after almost two weeks of preparation in France. Zuzana will appear in Lyon along with her fellow-actors Peter Kočiš, Jana Wernerová and Alexandra Kupčíková who are to return to Košice on July 8.
The Something is Red project originated from the conversations with the people picked up at random in the streets of France, Germany, Austria, Hungary and Slovakia. They would tell their own versions of the fairy-tale of Little Red Riding Hood. Alike Košice, Lyon where the group Lá Hors De is from, also applies for nomination as European Capital of Culture 2013. The Something is Red project was co-organised by the artistic group Lá Hors De, the theatre Divadlo na peróne, the citizen´s association IC Culture Train from Košice, the non-profit organisation French Alliance, and the ECOC Košice 2013 project team.

Lá Hors De

This artistic group was founded in 1992 by the stage director Nathalie Veuillet and the composer Wilfrid Haberey. The group targets the renewal and use of various urban places, either enclosed or open, which have stopped to serve their purpose. The group has for three years organised a festival at the abandoned ship´s hangar facilities, they have given an acoustic show at the parking lot of the lower dockside in Vaise and performances in one of the French cloisters and in the cellars of the Bondy palace, and others. In 2005, Là Hors De got inspired by the idea of some public institutions and settled down in the Duchère district in Lyon to launch a project known as Sputnik – an artistic cross-sector project carried out in different geographical areas with different participants. This is a crucial development project for the district of Duchère in Lyon referred to as GPV, i.e. Le Grand projet de ville (Great City Project). Find more at

Divadlo na peróne

This theatre was founded in 2005 as an independent theatre scene. The theatre is based at the centre of contemporary arts known as IC Culture Train in Košice. The idea to found a theatre came up as a logical move in the creation of the theatre founders and members, namely Peter Kočiš, Zuzana Psotková and Jana Wernerová. The theatre is aimed at composite author´s works and aspires to attract young generation through the content and form they employ.

Find more about ´Something is Red´ at

Zuzana Lehotská,
Communication with Mass Media, Project Team of European Capital of Culture Košice 2013
Author: Košice 2013 | Published: 7/5/2008 0:34:00

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